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Career Overview
  • As a rehab provider, you want to provide the best possible quality
  • care to the patients, comply with healthcare regulations, bring
  • in best-practices, optimize cost and embrace newer technology
  • solutions to keep the program relevant and effective.  Here is
  • where AlphaVista Managed Services can help.  We can take full
  • ownership of your rehab program, deliver you the results
  • promised and continuously enhance the program.

AlphaVista can partner with your care center to provide comprehensive managed services.  We will:

  • Get you a single point of contact who will manage your entire rehab business.
  • Own the process of recruitment, licensing, scheduling and reporting.
  • Employ best clinical supervisory resources for guaranteed quality of services.
  • Offer technology solutions for planning, managing and tracking results in real-time.
  • Bring in best-practices consultants who can analyze your current service levels and setup clear optimization and enhancement objectives.
  • Sustain and continuously improve your therapy programs.

Want to see how AlphaVista Managed Services can help you enhance productivity, enhance quality of service and cut costs? Call us at 1 888 331 2181 or send an email to managedservices@alphavistausa.com

AlphaVista makes a very good connection between the employee’s, technology interests and the real world of special education.

Yogesh Verma Speech Language Pathologist
School & Rehab Services

For foreign educated therapists, the leap in provision of care upon arrival in USA is tremendous.

Uma Chinnaswamy Occupational Therapist
Rehab Services

I always call on them when in need of local SLP help!

A Rehab Center Client

I am very Happy to recommend Alpha Vista as I have found their Therapist’s to be some of the best in the Greater Bay Area!

A Rehab Center Client

As we know SLP’s are difficult to locate and Alpha Vista never ceases to Amaze me with coverage whether it be 911, per diem or even long term coverage they ALWAYS come

A Rehab Center Client